Why choose Centre Hygiène Vitalité

Unlike many centers throughout the Montreal area which offer a broad spectrum of services, Hygiène Vitalité specializes in colonics. We believe this allows us to provide you with the highest quality service available

Centre Hygiène Vitalité uses a unique and gentle approach that includes essential oils and a warm volcanic rock massage to calm the abdomen and stimulate the intestine.

The entire procedure lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. Treatments are conducted in a sanitary environment, and Hygiène Vitalité uses only the highest quality of disposable tubes and speculums.

Angela Rea, N.d.

Colonic irrigations are performed by Angela Rea N.d., a certified hygienist from CENAB.

Angela is a highly respected holistic health practioner with over 19 years of experience and service – is committed to helping, educating, coaching people the principles necessary in enabling their body’s natural abilities to self-healing.

Angela is a member of L’academie des Naturopathes et Naturotherapeutes du Quebec a is also certified Maitre Reiki, Maitre Tzifa, and has multiple personal growth certificates.

Our Focus

Colon Hydrotherapy
Nutritional Consulting
Alternative Healing
Abdominal Massages

Procedures & Services

Centre Hygiène Vitalité focuses on providing Colonic Irrigations along with other related health services including Energy Healing and Nutritional Consultations

What Our Clients Say

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