Centre Hygiene Vitalite specializes specifically in colonic irrigations

Unlike many centers throughout the Montreal area which offer a broad spectrum of services, Hygiene Vitalite specializes solely in colonics. We believe this allows us to provide you with the highest quality service available.

Warm volcanic stones are used to massage the abdomen
A blanket is placed over the patient’s pelvic area.  The wastes are eliminated through a closed system in such a way that the procedure is silent and odorless. A unique and gentle approach.  Warm volcanic stones are used to massage the abdomen; this calms the abdomen and stimulates the intestine.  An infrared light is directed on the feet to stimulate energy and blood circulation. Reflexology or pressure points applied to the meridians is often practiced at specific times during the irrigation to help relieve intenstinal blockages.

Every treatment is followed by a chlorophyll implant

To replenish a healthy colon implant solutions are inserted through the colonic tube. Every treatment is followed by a chlorophyll implant, to purify the blood and help with elimination, and an acidophilus implant to restore intestinal flora.  These implants are included with the basic colonic.

Other implants are available and depend on patient’s condition:

  • Coffee: stimulates colon in chronic constipation cases
  • Garlic: elimination of parasites in the colon
  • Wheat grass