Health Supplements

Health Supplements

Heal with the power of nature. Rebuild your body's strength with the help of 100% natural Actumus products

Bio Flow I

  • A unique source of fibers that helps to harmonize the intestinal transit and gently relieve occasional constipation.

Bio Flow II

  • BIO-FLO 2 contains herbs that are traditionally used for their beneficial effects on the digestive tract.


  • Natural healer, Chlorophyll, extracted from alfalfa

Aloe Max

  • Protects all the mucous membranes of the digestive system from gum inflammation to irritation of the colon.


  • A variety of botanicals including ADR, LYM, GLR, REN, Urinex, SUL, BNS, BRN and others

Oxi Vita

  • Organic black cherry conentrate juice. A very high source of


  • This formula is used to help neutralize toxic elements by detoxifying the intra and extra cellular fluids.

Other Supplements

  • Other supplements also available including Nova Probiotics, Nature's Sunshine, Usana and more